Pomellato’s Commitment To Responsible Gold Shines Bright


Pomellato chooses Earth Day 2022, to reiterate its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of each and every jewel it creates and in particular its exemplary Responsible Gold programme.
Pomellato Introduces The New Nuvola Ruby

Pomellato believes in the integrity of each jewel, from its conception to its materials and design. A deep-rooted ethos has inspired collections that embody this philosophy in diverse ways, but most importantly, since 2018, all Pomellato jewels are made from Responsible Gold, which is a ground-breaking industry first.
Sabina Belli, CEO of Pomellato says: “Gold is at the heart of what we do so we have become pioneers in finding new ways to sustainably source our raw materials to create an ethical legacy for future generations. We go beyond the regulations and established codes of practice to set new standards for sourcing gold with concrete actions and ambitious aims. We aim for our gold to leave the lowest environmental impact from its extraction while preserving local biodiversity and supporting artisanal miners and their communities. This is what we call Responsible Gold”.

Pomellato’s Commitment


At the centre of Responsible Gold is the duty to preserve nature and recondition mining sites as well using no mercury or cyanide in its extraction and paying fair wages to the workers and supporting the local community. This was born out of parent-company Kering’s Responsible Gold Framework, developed to create an innovative and intelligent way to source gold that is both responsible and traceable. However, Pomellato goes further and also partners with other projects considered of value in terms of both positive environmental and social impact. These include the use of Fairmined gold – a certified source of gold direct from artisanal mines in Peru and Colombia - in certain collections such as the Nuvola. The Fairmined program empowers artisanal miners and their communities by working with mining organizations that are owned and operated by the local population. Once certified, the mines are audited every year to ensure safe working conditions, social development and environmental management of the operation and its surrounding areas. The miners are guaranteed a fair price for the minerals and an additional premium goes towards projects in the local community improving the lives of the many people who directly and indirectly rely on artisanal mining for their income.

The Reforestation Project


Actions speak louder than words and Pomellato provides a significant share of funding for the Kering Amazon reforestation projects in French Guiana. Since 2019 these on-going projects have focused on reducing the impact of alluvial gold mining and returning disused mining land to its original state, allowing these sources of gold to be 100% ecologically accountable. While local regulations require that miners reforest 30% of the land, this ambitious project reforests 100% of the land. The scheme is based on new ecological engineering techniques that create the ideal environment for ecosystems to flourish in areas depleted by mining. As well as creating favourable conditions for the reforestation of damaged land, it promotes the restoration of forest species and the return to a biodiversity of flora and fauna. This program around responsible gold and reforestation in French Guiana was implemented by Kering sustainability teams.

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