Sustainability standards

As part of the Kering Group, Pomellato has a multifaceted strategy to achieving a more sustainable and responsible approach to luxury. The house and its partners have followed codes and standards developed and refined by Kering since the group first established a code of ethics 25 years ago. These open-source guidelines, reviewed and updated regularly in consultation with subject-matter experts, address topics such as human rights, biodiversity, raw material sourcing, and internal operations.


Pomellato monitors and evaluates its environmental impact through the Environmental Profit & Loss account (a link to this document is available at, published each year by the Kering Group. The company has obtained RJC certification from the Responsible Jewellery Council (renewed at the end of 2019), and annually performs due diligence towards its commercial partners to verify any deviations from the OCSE guidelines, and has not identified risks to human rights along its supply chain. All of the transactions were considered in the checks performed in compliance with the RJC principles and have been classified as low risk. Pomellato has achieved its objective of guaranteeing that the gold supply is 100% sustainable thanks to the Kering RESPONSIBLE Gold Framework programme. Alongside this core objective is our constant pursuit of sustainable silver sources and the transparent and traceable sourcing of diamonds and colored stones. The company has also committed to launching a capsule collection using only Fairmined certified gold.

Artisan Craftsmanship and Tradition

Safeguarding the cultural and historical heritage of jewellery-making is the company’s main source of inspiration and motivation. We believe that it is our duty to support the goldsmith tradition. Pomellato is committed to improving its artisans’ capabilities by fostering innovation and helping them to hone their skills through extensive training programmes. To this end, Pomellato—in collaboration with the Galdus Goldsmith Academy—founded Pomellato Virtuosi, an Academy set up to train highly skilled specialist professionals, issuing qualifications and diplomas recognised and sought-after throughout Europe.

Environmental profit and loss accounting

Every year, Pomellato draws up an EP&L Environmental Profit & Loss statement. All along the supply chain – from raw material extraction to the point of sale – measurements are taken of our CO2 emissions, water consumption, water pollution, land exploitation, atmospheric pollution and waste production. A monetary value is assigned to the resulting values to quantify the use of natural resources at various levels. This process enables us to identify possible areas of intervention. We realize that the most significant impact is generated during production and the processing of raw materials, accounting for 80% of the total. Constant research into sustainable sources has enabled us, with the transition from traditionally sourced silver to RJC COC recycled silver, to reduce our impact by 83% in 2022, in terms of EP&L.

People First

Giving Human Resources a central role and ensuring unconditional respect for the rights of all are key aspects of Pomellato brand culture, which is why the brand has adopted a code of ethics shared by both managers and employees. Our low labour turnover and the employees’ strong attachment to the company are testament to this strategy’s success, proving that a happy, healthy and safe work environment is key to ensuring continuity and well-being.

People First

Women: A Precious Resource

Empowering and supporting the interests of women is a priority for the company, which is strongly committed to improving the social conditions and lives of women.Pomellato will always promote the education, development and growth of women,both professionally and socially, offering them the tools they need to make strides in the labour market and achieve the right work-life balance.Furthermore, Pomellato strives to support organisations helping women who are victims of violence.Some time ago, the company launched a fruitful collaboration with CADMI(Casa di accoglienza delle donne maltrattate di Milano), a women’s shelter in Milan.

Women: A Precious Resource

An Eco-Friendly Community

Pomellato’s credibility and reputation are based on sustainability, which is why the brand is committed to reinforcing its leadership role through focused operational improvements and by establishing a united, environmentally friendly community. Through collective events, training, and activities focusing on social responsibility, Pomellato strives to build a community in which everyone believes in ethical values, manufacturing excellence and the importance of caring for the planet.

An Eco-friendly Community