Code of Ethics

At Pomellato we believe in the utmost importance of ethical behavior and legal compliance as essential drivers to run our business.
Across our Group, in every region and every team, each employee must reflect our values and adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior.
We embrace the Kering Culture of Integrity and we are committed to comply with the Kering Code of Ethics besides all applicable laws, policies and procedures.

Since 2005, following the Ethics Charter which was drawn up in 1996, Kering’s Code of Ethics defines the major principles which frame and guide our daily actions. This Code provides a framework for what is expected from each and every one of our employees in our professional activities, and when we are in contact with our stakeholders: colleagues, customers, shareholders and business partners. It also defines ou commitment to the environment and to society at large, in which the Kering Group intends to fully play its part as an engaged and responsible corporate citizen.

The Group Suppliers’ Charter, included in the Kering Code of Ethics, firmly establishes what we expect from our business partners as regards ethics, particularly in terms of respecting Human Rights and fundamental freedoms as well as environmental protection.

Finally, the Kering Code of ethics is a reminder of our ethical whistleblowing system that enables any Group or external employee to report a violation or suspected breach of the Code and its principles.