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Believing in the power of advocacy and sisterhood, Pomellato unveils the 5th chapter of its Pomellato for Women campaign with a new video for International Women’s Day 2022. With an exceptional cast led by Jane Fonda for the 5th consecutive year, the video’s message underscores the power of being present today, for ourselves, and for one another.

International Women’s Day play

With the joyous jewels of its High Jewelry La Gioia Collection, Pomellato celebrates what is at its very soul. The audacious colored gems that have made the Maison famous are glorified with the tactile precious chains that have become the Maison's signature.
In crafting bold 'Princess Chains' with a Neo-Renaissance inspiration for the princess of today, or the 'Absolute Chains' which epitomize perfect goldsmith symmetry, this collection defines the brand's very essence: and it is sublime.



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Express Your Uniqueness With Your Choice Of Nudo Colors. #nudo20anniversary #20yearsofnudo #nudocollection #pomellato @didistone
Stack, Mix-and-match The Colors Of Nudo’s Vibrant Rainbow Like Niki Wu Jie. #nudo20anniversary #20yearsofnudo #nudocollection #pomellato @niki_wujie
Hadise’s Breezy Look Is Complete With A Precious Combination Of Nudo Gems. #nudo20anniversary #20yearsofnudo #nudocollection #pomellato @hadise
Beatrice Vendramin Takes Blue To A Precious New Level. #nudo20anniversary #20yearsofnudo #nudocollection #pomellato @beatricevendramin
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