Exploring Elegance with Kasia Smutniak

Following The Unveiling Of The Global Advertising Campaign In Occasion Of Milan Fashion Week

Following the unveiling of the global advertising campaign in occasion of Milan fashion Week, ‘Pomellato: from Milan & all around the world’, which celebrates the brand’s origins and its Milanese essence, Pomellato has now chosen women from different backgrounds that embody the multiple facets of femininity and beauty, wearing Pomellato jewelry collections that most highlight their own personality.

Italian-polish Acclaimed Actress And Activist Kasia Smutniak

Italian-Polish acclaimed actress and activist Kasia Smutniak is portrayed by fashion photographer and filmmaker Gregory Harris.

Strong And Self-confident, Kasia Smutniak Reveals Her Striking Elegance And Wears Iconica Collection Minimalist Bangles And Rings In Rose Gold And Diamonds.

Strong and self-confident, Kasia Smutniak reveals her striking elegance and wears Iconica Collection minimalist bangles and rings in rose gold and diamonds. Her black&white look sparkles with the new Nudo Solitaire pendants and rings in diamonds and Fairmined white gold. Chic and fashionable – Iconica and Nudo are the perfect everyday jewels for an accent of effortless Milanese style.

Women Are At The Centre Of Pomellato Universe.

Women are at the centre of Pomellato universe. Our values take shape in unconventional jewels in which every woman can feel free and recognize herself in her uniqueness.