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Matilde, The Horse Whisperer


You may know her as a modern-day descendant of a famous aristocratic family, but Pomellato ambassador Matilde Borromeo is much more than that. Known to be one of the most celebrated equestrians and horse breeders in Italy, the fiercely independent princess possesses a blonde beauty that seems to derive from a combination of a Renaissance and Pre-Raphaelite painting
A Modern-day Amazon, Matilde Doubles As A Mother, Entrepreneur, And Impassioned Equestrian

A modern-day Amazon, Matilde doubles as a mother, entrepreneur, and impassioned equestrian, while representing one of the most influential and emblematic names in Milanese history. Born in Milan and raised between city and countryside, she studied agricultural and veterinary sciences at the University of Milan. Upon graduation, she moved to New York City for a time. “But I realized that city life was too distracting and dissatisfying for me: I needed the smell of the freshly cut grass, the mud on my boots, and daily contact with animals in order to be happy,” she explains. And indeed it is this realization that pushed her to pursue a profession with animals. One of Borromeo’s earliest childhood memories recalls riding on the back of a large black horse, safe and happy in her father’s arms, surrounded by fields and nature.

Balance Is Difficult For Everyone.

She admits however, that it is her competitive streak that led her to get into independent equestrian racing and horse breeding, “It becomes tangibly evident that the race defines your result, it acts as a consequence of a journey of years, but one that evolves with every day.” From tending to her children in the city, to her prize-winning horses in the country, and to the ceaseless public appearances of a scion of the House of Borromeo, a historic noble name dating back centuries—how does Matilde manage to strike a balance between work, family and social life? “Balance is difficult for everyone. I have finally found one that is logistically tiring, but it gives me great satisfaction. So I consider myself very lucky,” she reassures. Always on the go, Matilde’s fashion choices also need to find a functional balance to accommodate daily tasks, social events and races. Working with horses is certainly a big influence on her wardrobe, and she finds herself often in form-fitting trousers and classic polo shirts—chic yet always ready to hop on the saddle.

Matilde Tells Us About Her Fun Streak That Loves Color

Matilde tells us about her fun streak that loves color: she often will layer an eccentric print or fantasy piece over a classic silhouette. But it’s with jewelry that one can infuse a daily dose of individuality and flair into a look. Matilde says she loves, “to wear jewelry that can adapt to my daily life but also reconcile with my more worldly life.” Her favorite jewels to wear: necklaces of three different lengths, varying rings for the hands, or just a special bracelet. As such, Pomellato chose Matilde as ambassador to represent its new Fantina collection, with equestrian-inspired jewels that are as edgy as they are wearable. With dynamic, original curves, Fantina is bold but unintrusive, always understated yet immodest. Fantina elegance is perfect for a day riding in the countryside, then off to a fashion show, and then out to dinner in New York City.