International Women’s Day play

International Women's Day

Milan, March 8, 2021. Pomellato presents a powerful Pomellato For Women video to honor International Women’s Day 2021, with a first-ever interview format featuring activist actresses Jane Fonda Jameela and Jamil as they address hard topics such as inequality, privilege, bravery and resilience. The video captures the two intergenerational personalities discuss activism, the climate emergency, white supremacy, and the rampant history of gender inequality. Vulnerability and the female burden are explored with radical honesty, yet the two agree that there is hope for womenkind if we stand up together.
International Women’s Day

Jameela Jamil, a young activist voice advocating for inclusivity, was thrilled to interview Jane Fonda whom she considers to be a personal hero. Fonda was among the first vocal feminists and activists in Hollywood dating back to the Vietnam War, and is one of the original Pomellato for Women ambassadors. The two discover many points in common during their conversation and conclude that within women’s vulnerabilities and wounds lie their astounding capacity for resilience. Jane Fonda wears Pomellato Kintsugi new jewel collection that integrates the ancient Japanese artform of ‘repairing’ objects, becoming a theme within the conversation. Fonda compares the shiny gold fissure in her Kintsugi gemstone ring to the ability to heal and become stronger for it. The idea of resilience and giving new life to something that could have been discarded as ‘damaged’ becomes a metaphor for the perseverance of womenkind and underlines the power of showing our scars. Fonda has been open about her own traumas overcome and wears them today like a bold gem of honor.

International Women’s Day

Returning as a contributor to the Pomellato For Women video for the fourth year in a row, Jane Fonda is the most prolific example of an actress using her influence to raise awareness for activism. NYC-born, the actress has earned two Academy Awards, two BAFTA Awards, seven Golden Globes, and most recently the Cecil B. De Mille Lifetime Achievement Award, one of the highest honors in Hollywood (and one of only 17 of 69 that have been awarded to women). An outspoken political activist and philanthropist for decades, Fonda has worked on behalf of countless feminist, diversity and environmentalist causes. Since its inception in 2017, she has supported the Pomellato For Women platform that highlights the importance of female leadership and equality, while acting as a protagonist in every Pomellato For Women video.

International Women’s Day

Pomellato was thrilled to welcome Jameela Jamil to participate for the first time in the Pomellato For Women video, released each year in celebration of International Women’s Day. An English-born actress, writer, DJ, designer, model and award-winning radio host, Jamil hosted her own show on BBC Radio 1 and made history as the first woman in its 60 years on air. Founder of the I Weigh platform and podcast series, Jameela Jamil challenges society’s definition of worth through weight by involving leaders, performers and influencers to discuss their past shames and where one’s value truly lies.

The Pomellato For Women video will be aired on International Women’s Day, while the complete interview between Jane Fonda and Jameela Jamil will be broadcasted as a podcast in the Kering Women In Motion series. A program created by Kering in 2015, Women In Motion highlights, through its Talks and its Awards, the creativity and uniqueness of talented women whose work in the fields of arts and culture is helping to transform our vision of the world. Jane Fonda was the first recipient of the Women In Motion Award. In 2019, as an integral part of the platform, Kering launched the Women In Motion podcast aiming to celebrate and amplify the voices of women while advocating for gender equality in all cultural fields.