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I Am With You


Pomellato celebrates its home city with a message of unity and belonging, qualities that have been exemplified by Milan during the challenges of recent months. #IAMWITHYOU unites such people as Chiara Ferragni, who has dedicated herself to helping out Milano in countless ways during the pandemic, and Dr. Daniela Trabattoni, the head of cardiology at the Monzino Hospital in Milan, or researcher Alessia Lai, who was awarded by President Mattarella for having isolated the Italian strain of the Coronavirus – as these latter two fought in the front lines of COVID-19 despite precarious conditions. But it also recognizes the people who have nourished and injected the city with their energy, creativity, courage and passion in the arts, design and fashion. Actress Cristiana Capotondi and model and actress Eva Riccobono have also lent their voice, spreading a positive message of solidarity for this campaign.

Pomellato celebrates them all in a dedicated shoot by renowned fashion photographer Giampaolo Sgura, portraying each subject with captivating images to be shared on social media platforms under the hashtag #IAMWITHYOU.


In keeping with the #PomellatoForWomen initiative, Pomellato is proud to promote equality, inclusiveness, and authenticity, as it invests in its community. Sabina Belli, CEO of the Pomellato Group, commented, “When we call this initiative the #IAMWITHYOU campaign, we mean it quite literally: we are all together in this, we are forever connected. When we care, when we help, when we share and give back, this is how we grow. Pomellato is proud to be a jewelry Maison with these values, always recognizing where we came from but also that the future will one day become our present.”


As a symbol of hope and confidence in the future, Pomellato makes a donation to the Camera Moda Fashion Trust to support young fashion talents.