New Campaign Milan

Our Birthplace, Our Milano

In occasion of Milan Fashion Week, Pomellato launches its new multichannel global advertising campaign, ‘Pomellato: from Milan & all around the world’.
 Italian Capital Of Luxury And Design

Founded in Milan in 1967, Pomellato’s contemporary, unconventional jewels are recognized worldwide for bold colors and graceful volumes, each crafted in-house with the Maison’s unique savoir-faire. Since its inception, Pomellato has always been inspired by Milan's strong identity, refined architecture, and the flowing, evocative lines reminiscent of its buildings and inner courtyards.

Milan is symbol of modernity, an international creativity hub, as well as the Italian capital of luxury and design. Pomellato’s new campaign draws on its Milanese origins while consolidating and strengthening its historic ties with the city.

Delfino Sisto Legnani

Imagined as five visual concepts, the campaign reinforces how Pomellato is ‘Inspired by Milan’ with images of the city’s iconic architecture and features, ‘Designed in Milan’ with the city’s renowned charm, culture and heritage, ‘Crafted in Milan’ with its rich goldsmith tradition, ‘Wear Milan’ to celebrate the understated elegance of Milanese style, and ‘Milan La Gioia’ to revere Pomellato’s exquisite High Jewelry collection.

Delfino Sisto Legnani, an Italian photographer with a scientific, philosophical and eclectic approach to photography, was tapped to shoot the campaign. Based in Milan, his refined eye succinctly captured the city’s iconic elements that shape the brand and helped to make it what it is today.

The New Campaign’s Storytelling

The new campaign photos take the viewer on a magnificent journey through Milan's historic buildings and along the multicolored mosaics hidden in its courtyards — from Palazzo Sola Busca, to Casa Portaluppi and the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery.

The new campaign’s storytelling culminates in a short video produced by video director Nicolò Terraneo. As a sort of declaration of Pomellato's love for its home city, it serves as a visual narration as told through the eyes of six characters. As they wander down romantic paved streets and through charming old buildings, Pomellato’s collections serve as the main protagonists, their very essence exalted in the filmmaking.

We Celebrate Our Origins And Our Essence

“Milan is not only where our brand was born, it is where our heart lies. With this new campaign, we celebrate our origins and our essence. We are proud to be Milanese, and we wish to share this love, culture and belief in our city with the world,” explains Sabina Belli, CEO of the Pomellato Group.