Pomellato Together

Pomellato Together: An ode to the Power of Love

The Story Of Pomellato Together Begins With Love.

The story of Pomellato Together begins with love. From instant passion to enduring romance, sisterhood to self love, this new collection of simple yet deeply symbolic jewels celebrates the power of universal love. Mirroring the strength we find in complete togetherness, an interlocking motif is at its heart: double ribbons of smooth gold entwined in a forever embrace and united by a gold link.

The Collection Is Also A Love Letter To Craftsmanship, A Passion Instilled In Pomellato’s Creations Since Its Inception In 1967.

The collection is also a love letter to craftsmanship, a passion instilled in Pomellato’s creations since its inception in 1967. Seamless lines, soft finishes and perfect diamond settings are expertly executed by the hands of Pomellato’s in-house master goldsmiths. Diamonds are exquisitely set to enhance rose gold bands while sapphires, emeralds and rubies are colorful fireworks of love adorning white gold and rose gold jewels.

At Once Modern And Timeless

At once modern and timeless, sensual and bold, each creation is designed with elegant gender-inclusive simplicity to be universally adored for precious moments or everyday.