Gift-guide Mother's Day

There’s Only One You

She has been your jewel. Give something back with a handcrafted creation chosen just for her, in her unique color. Nudo’s extensive palette of gems expresses the essence of a woman in over 150 stackable designs.
Gift-guide  Mother's Day

Ring Nudo Milky Petit

CHF 2,300

Necklace with pendant Nudo Milky

CHF 2,600

Ring Nudo Milky Classic

CHF 3,000

Earrings Nudo Milky

CHF 4,050

Nudo Rivière

CHF 20,750

Ring Nudo Classic

CHF 2,600

Nudo Pendant Earrings

CHF 8,700

Necklace Nudo

CHF 3,400

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day, full of bright ideas and sparkling memories.