POMELLATO Nuvola stud earrings
 O.B813 E f
  • POMELLATO Nuvola stud earrings
 O.B813 E f
  • POMELLATO Nuvola stud earrings
 O.B813 E f

Nuvola stud earrings

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Discreetly luxurious, brown diamonds bring a newfound warmth to the Nuvola collection. Showing a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, Pomellato enhances the Nuvola collection with the soft glow of brown diamonds. Each Nuvola jewel is stamped with the Fairmined Trademark and diamonds are certifyed by RJC and GIA.
Earrings in 18K Rose gold, with two centered brown diamonds (0.5 ct each = 1 ct total) surrounded by a diamond pavé (26 brown diamonds ≈ 0.47 ct).
Ref. O.B813BRO705
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The word diamond originates from Greek and stands for unbreakable. Renown for their strength and scratch-resistant body, diamonds are formed in the Earth’s mantle at elevated temperatures and high pressure. The 4C scale used to determine their quality considers cut, color, clarity and carat weight (with one carat corresponding to 0.20 grams).

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