POMELLATO Sabbia pendant earrings O.C018 E f
  • POMELLATO Sabbia pendant earrings O.C018 E f
  • POMELLATO Sabbia pendant earrings O.C018 E f

Sabbia pendant earrings

  • Description
Fashionably chic and stamped with Pomellato’s unerring unconventional style, the new Sabbia jewels are a perfect fusion of traditional skills and on-trend design. Unique to Sabbia is the seemingly random pavé in white, brown and black diamonds. This organic way of showcasing the natural beauty of diamonds showcases the skill of Pomellato’s gem-setters, who painstakingly work with dozens of stone sizes to create an irregular pavé.
Earrings in 18K rose gold, 606 white, brown and black treated diamonds (≈ 13.4 ct)
Ref. O.C018/O6B9BRBB
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The word diamond originates from Greek and stands for unbreakable. Renown for their strength and scratch-resistant body, diamonds are formed in the Earth’s mantle at elevated temperatures and high pressure. The 4C scale used to determine their quality considers cut, color, clarity and carat weight (with one carat corresponding to 0.20 grams).

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