POMELLATO Necklace Capri C.B805 E f
  • POMELLATO Necklace Capri C.B805 E f
  • POMELLATO Necklace Capri C.B805 E f

Necklace Capri

  • Description
Shiny ceramics in sinuous shapes embellish this Capri necklace, rendering its Mediterranean inspiration clear.
Necklace in 18K rose gold and 10 white ceramics. Length: cm 60
Ref. C.B805/O7/CB/60
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The name comes from the Ancient Greek, kéramos, meaning clay: the primordial expression of prehistoric ceramics. Today, modern ceramics show great potential and require a high degree of technology and precision in order to be molded into different shapes and colors. Their hardness, resistance to high temperatures and environmental agents make them suitable for the production of high quality components, which is why they are gaining increasing popularity in the jewelry industry.

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