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What are hard stones?

The term ‘hard stone’ is improperly used to designate semi-precious stones, so as to distinguish them from more precious stones like sapphires, rubies, diamonds, etc.
All gemstones are classified according to different indexes, one of which is the hardness index, specifying the level of resistance to scratching and chipping.
Gemstones traditionally used in jewellery generally have a high hardness index, but it goes without saying that, as hard as a gemstone may be, it is not necessarily indestructible, and a gemstone set in an item of jewellery will still be delicate.
Even small knocks, though not deliberate or direct, may scratch or chip a gemstone.
Diamonds themselves, which are famous for being the hardest stones in nature, are not immune to breaking.

For all of its jewels, Pomellato chooses exclusively natural stones carefully selected by expert gemmologists according to strict quality standards that Pomellato applies as a guarantee to its products.
Synthetic stones have been used for the Rouge Passion and Pomellato 67 lines.

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