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How should I take care of my silver jewels?

A jewel in natural untreated silver, worn even every day with care, will only occasionally need exceptional maintenance, especially if it is delicately cleaned from time to time and put away appropriately.
Normal everyday use and external agents such as atmospheric humidity, temperature, pollution levels, contact with cosmetic products and perspiration may dull the lustre of silver surfaces, or alter the original appearance of the surface finish present in some items. 

The phenomenon whereby silver lustre is dulled and the surface becomes darker and more opaque, scientifically known as "tarnishing" and commonly called oxidation, is well known in metallurgy.

The extent and speed of this phenomenon cannot be predicted, since they depend on a number of factors.
To keep the oxidation problem under control and reduce it, the general rule is to prevent silver jewels from coming into contact with detergents, creams, fragrances and water, in particular swimming pool water (chlorinated) and sulphur springs, and it is advisable to regularly wipe the jewel surface gently with a soft cloth, being particularly careful with the finish and gemstones, if present.

In case of jewels with gemstones or surface finishes, like burnishing, particular care is needed and it is safer to turn to professional cleaning, whereas the lustre of all silver jewels is more easily preserved by using specific silver cleaning products, as long as they are not too aggressive.

And finally, to preserve your jewels, it is a good idea to store them separately in individual soft and clean sachets or cases, in a dry place, away from heat sources and generally sheltered from any agents that could damage them.

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