Pomellato creations are crafted using the historic, lost-wax casting technique exploited as far back as Ancient Egypt as well as highly advanced CNC machines. In combining antique tradition and innovation the jewels express an authentic artisanal touch that contributes to transforming each creation into a truly unique masterpiece of preciousness.

All creations embody an intense personality and a distinctive style. Innovations in stone cutting and setting give life to characteristic jewels with unique combinations of shapes, light and color.
The preciousness of a piece is the result of meticulous craftsmanship.

Cutting stones to create new designs and reinventing details belonging to the high jewelry world, are essential parts of the Pomellato DNA.
Pomellato creations are the expression of surprising creativity and visionary intention turned into reality.

Pomellato subverts the rules of high jewelry by conceiving creations with a twist. Stones can even be set upside down, tilted or assymetrical to give facets a vertical appearance for a very dramatic effect.
Goldsmiths at Pomellato are masters of precision, singularly crafting a jewel from start to finish with great concentration and inspiration.

Behind the very natural appearance of most Pomellato jewels, there always is extraordinary and sophisticated craftsmanship.
With the creation of Nudo and its captivating, multifaceted, square gemstone, Pomellato has revealed its unconventional approach and contemporary attitude to jewelry making.
Crafting earrings requires great manual skills and profound expertise, and it may at times be a much more elaborate process than forging rings.