Iconic Pomellato jewels are colourful, rebellious, and unconventional. Founded in 1967, Maison Pomellato has come to represent masterful Italian craftsmanship, profound goldsmith savoir-faire, and jubilantly distinctive designs.


Pomellato’s timeless art is projected through a vision of seamless luxury, crafted in its Milan atelier. Balancing the past with the future, tradition with innovation, rigour with experimentation, and sensuality with audacity, Pomellato’s designs are unparalleled in the jewellery world.



Every day in Pomellato’s Milan atelier, over 100 artisans craft one-of-a-kind jewels. Each gemstone creation is brought to life by their passion and expertise, forged by hours of meticulous labour and inventive solutions. This process brings together precious metals such as Pomellato’s signature rose gold, fine diamonds, and coloured gems from all over the world.


Amongst many expert techniques, Pomellato craftsmen most often employ micro-fusion. Also known as lost-wax casting, the process dates back to 3500 B.C., and creates the soft lines and voluminous, flowing shapes that the Maison has come to be known for. This goldsmith art is used to set increasingly rare semi-precious stones – known as the ‘new precious’ gems – to create jubilant, contemporary Pomellato jewels.


In-house goldsmith creation is an essential part of the Milanese brand’s identity and renown. Jewellery-making knowledge and experimentation involve rituals of painstaking care, and attention to materials. Such commitment encapsulates Pomellato’s devotion to perfect jewel creation, as it continuously achieves beauty and marvel with every handcrafted piece.


Instinct becomes an important guiding element in capturing the emotion of a jewel. Inspirations are expressed within the jewel’s shapes – like perfect, tiny sculptures – each crafted by a combination of invention, curiosity and the Maison’s singular style. Free from convention, Pomellato pursues alternative solutions and perspectives in its jewels, rendering them tangible by the tactile and visual qualities of its authenticity.


Beautiful jewel creation thrives on exchanges, synergies, influences and continual discoveries, as well as on a goldsmith’s professional artistry. Merging these ideas with the Creative Director’s vision, as advised by the Gem Master’s competencies, this is how a jewel’s vision is forged and Pomellato history is made. Innovation is a value deeply rooted in Pomellato’s DNA, being the first brand to cut gemstones; the Milan Maison was the first brand to cut gemstones upside down, to create irregular diamond pavés, and to adopt the cabochon style.

Pomellato’s creative, innovative spirit is melded with intuition by the hands, hearts and heads of its expert artisans. With a mastery of the traditional aspects of Italian craftsmanship, Pomellato creates the most jubilant, rebellious, colourful creations the jewellery world has ever seen.